Before starting a project and start making decision on fonctionalities and user flow, I conduct user research, analyze your stats to make sure the team doesn’t make incorrect assumptions.

UX Design

The usual sketching, wireframing, user flow/journey. Good things happens to those who wireframe !

User testing

Not because we had a bright idea
means that it’s what our user needs. Test it out to make sure the idea work.

Post launch analysis

Launching a project isn’t the end of it. Let’s rewind and analysis the data we acquired to strengthen the product.

My background

Captivated by contemporary art, jovial and good living. The web as been the most challenging and rewarding medium to me to develop my creative and innovative skills. 

My mindset

The interaction between the human and the interface, the way that people will react to the experience I design is the most valuable thing to me.

My mission

Hungry for challenges I look forward to improve my skillset in every project I work on. Delight user with detailled interaction and beautiful design, it’s what’s drive me.